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Hi, you're in the Archives, June 2009 - Part 2

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June 30, 2009

Glenlivet Glenlivet 25 yo 'XXV' (43%, OB, 2009) A version that was finished in Oloroso. Ha, finishings... Its wooden box is a tribute to Transformers, isn’t it? Colour: deep amber/orange. Nose: starts right on sherry, rather vinous I must say. Blackcurrant jam, strawberry jam, empty wine barrel, ‘at a winemaker’s during the harvest’ and so on. These winey notes do get mellower and better integrated after a few minutes, the whole getting more honeyed and maybe a tad meaty (ham), roasted and nutty. Raisins. A little old school. Mouth: fresher than expected, rather fruity (oranges) but gets then rather drying (cinnamon). A tad plankish I must say. Other than that we have notes of raisins, a little caramel, a few citrusy notes (pink grapefruits, or maybe regular ones)… It’s not a full-bodied whisky but I wouldn’t say it’s weak.
Finish: medium long, on orange juice and oak, especially at the signature, still quite drying. Comments: pretty pretty good (as Larry David would say) but frankly, there are many better IBs out there in my humble opinion… SGP:531 - 84 points.
Sapin Glenlivet 38 yo 1970/2009 (48.6%, Duncan Taylor, Rare Auld, cask #2004) I didn't find this one on the Web yet, maybe it's already a 39yo. It was bottled on april 28. Colour: full gold. Nose: another world and an ode to natural, non-finished whiskies especially after the XXV. Fantastic whiffs of honey and wild flowers on top of a little quince, apricot and maybe just hints of tinned lychees. Superbly balanced, certainly not tired and as fresh as, well, some freshly extracted honey. Discreet whiffs of cigar box. Mouth: as you know, these oldies can be overly woody but this one isn’t, even if it does display rather big notes of pine resin and fir buds liqueur (liqueur de sapin, see picture) and even chlorophyll chewing gum. Very nice spices (ginger and cinnamon, liquorice wood), a little vanilla, light honey… The oak grows bigger, the whole getting a tad drying. Still very good. Finish: long, a little minty, oaky. Comments: another very good one but I’d say it had to be bottled. It probably wouldn’t have made for a very good 40 – but what do I know? SGP:551 - 88 points.
Glenlivet Glenlivet 1975/2008 (51.5%, Scott's Selection) Colour: deep gold. Nose: this one displays more oak influence on the nose than the 1970 despite the fact that it’s a little younger. More vanilla and musky tones, whiffs of Shalimar, ginger and marzipan, butterscotch, orange cake, honey… A complex and extremely well balanced Glenlivet. With water: a little more resin, menthol, wine-poached pears and marshmallows. Much less straight oak. Mouth (neat): big, thick, and less woody than the 1970 this time. Lots of crystallised fruits (pears, oranges, guavas), lemon drops and butter pears. With water: vibrant, fruity and almondy. Not much evolution actually, it just got a little smoother and ‘easier’. Finish: long, a tad more peppery/oaky. More malt and more coffee too. Very ripe kiwis and oranges. Comments: just excellent. Does not need water but swims well. SGP:551 - 89 points.
Glenlivet Glenlivet 14 yo 1994/2009 (61.0%, Adelphi, cask ##61416, 560 bottles) You really need your spectacles to be able to read the details on the label, Adelphi isn’t for ageing whisky lovers (or only for ageing whisky lovers who won’t give a…) Colour: deep gold. Nose: starts amazingly quiet, a tad shy, with a few oaky and orangey notes flying around. Hints of old white wine, sauce hollandaise, maybe a little sourish. With water: opens up but gets rather winey (cassis buds tea) and unexpectedly earthy/rooty. Notes of cranberry juice. A little dusty. Maybe lacks a little polishing, that is to say a few more years. Mouth (neat): too powerful. Orange drops and bitter tea (over-infused). With water: that did not work too well, it got too gingery and a tad ‘chemical’ (cheap fruit drops). Finish: long, more on strawberry drops. A little cardboardy too. Comments: maybe not in the tradition of Adelphi’s usually great bottlings. SGP:531 - 78 points.

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