August 11, 2020


Little duos, today funky
Glen Scotia OB vs. IB

We’re in Campbeltown, where Springbank (and Glengyle) is catching all the light. It’s true that Glen Scotia was often to be found on the lower shelves in our supermarkets, often in white label just like Littlemill and other stuff from Glen Katrine’s. Those were the days.  

Glen Scotia 18 yo (46%, OB, +/-2019)

Glen Scotia 18 yo (46%, OB, +/-2019) Two stars
Sadly, looks like this baby was finished in sherry, which I’d never do with my flagship 18 were I a brand owner (which thank God I am not), but I’ve heard good things. Now doesn’t gold kill on labels? Whole different matters, I agree… Colour: gold. Nose: it’s gently cake-y, brioche-y, between a panettone and a kougelhopf I would say, with tiny spicy touches (mustard? Caraway? Star anise?) Now those spicy touches tend to grow and grow and grow, and to come to the front. Mustard and honey sauce anyone? That may come from wood, I’m not quite convinced this far. Mouth: good, spicy again, on the same elements (mustard and such) plus marmalade, oak dust, cinnamon and white pepper. I think the wood feels a little too much. Finish: medium, spicy. Curry, mustard, oak. Comments: nah, the oak’s too prominent for this little taster, and the spices rather too loud. And the label too golden (S., shh…) Quite a disappointment here at WF Towers, although I would understand why they did so much and many ‘wood treatments’. Just not my thing.
SGP:351 - 74 points.

Glen Scotia 10 yo 2008 (58.4%, Scotch Malt Whisky Society, #93.122, ‘Baldrick’s Cosmic Tardis’, 236 bottles)

Glen Scotia 10 yo 2008 (58.4%, Scotch Malt Whisky Society, #93.122, ‘Baldrick’s Cosmic Tardis’, 236 bottles) Two stars
Right, with a name that nods both at Black Adder and at Frank Zappa (his Cosmic Debris) we cannot not be interested and attentive here, while still wondering what they’re smoking at the SMWS’s headquarters. Peat, perhaps? Colour: straw. Nose: phoo! Gym socks, rotting pineapple, long-forgotten Munster cheese, young durian, last year’s yoghurts, fino sherry… Well, so far, so whacky. With water: lavender and violets, fifty-fifty, more rotting oranges, cloves, assaulting cheeses. I can’t tell you which ones, I’m no cheese expert, by far (but I could start a blog, ha-ha). Mouth (neat): kid’s mouthwash, Schweppes Strawberry, glue, raspberry vinegar, dry Madeira, Ras el Hanout, cumin… Ahem… With water: a bit more civilised. Cheese, caraway, marmalade, cassis jam. Finish: long. I suppose we’re meant to mention turnips here and now. The aftertaste is quite nice. Comments: let’s be serious, this is very funny (eh?) and intriguing, it’s just that the hyper-yeasty flavours are so unusual that you cannot not wonder whether someone’s not added ‘stuff’ to the barrel. Or to the distillate. O-M-G.
SGP:452 - 75 points
(frankly, this funky whisky is almost un-scorable).

(Merci Angus)

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