Malt Maniacs Expansion

Islay Festival , Spring 2002, maniacs Olivier and Serge made it!

Meeting Maniac Michael Wade at Ardbeg's Old Kiln

Maniac Olivier Humbrecht knows how to treat an oak cask!

Ardbeg's stills

At Ardbeg

Islay cattle

Margaret, Iain and Olivier at Laphroaig

Olivier in front of some Laphroaig empty casks

Laphroaig stills

Frédérique at Laphroaig

Laphroaig warehouse

Loch Gruinart and some seal

A night at Bruichladdich

The Islay sheep is very friendly

Jim McEwan talking about a cask we'll sample

An Islay 40yo lobster and a bottle of Olivier's Rangen

Olivier and Mark Reynier in a very good mood at the Bruichladdich party

Olivier filling his cask at Bruichladdich. Duncan's watching!

Beware overflowing!

Signing the new cask

A traditional cask blessing at Bruichladdich

So much work!

Beautiful Lossit Bay near Portnahaven

Filling the valinch for the festival 2002 at Bruichladdich



I'm filling the valinch...

Ooops, perhaps too much whisky...

No problem, let's taste it right away!

Olivier sending a message in a bottle, offering to swap a bottle of Port Ellen for some wine... No news yet...

No, this isn't the French Riviera, it's on Islay! Serge is the keeper of the Talisker.


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