Malt Maniacs Expansion


Dramsterdam, Spring 2002

But where am I gonna put this Signatory?

Roman and Johannes welcome Klaus and Doc Mitchi to Amsterdam

Food is vital, if you want to be able to dram properly... I mean, dram a lot!

Johannes: Do you like Chinese food, Serge? Yeah, yeah, this is good!

Doc Mitchi: I have to eat these noodles, if I want to sip more of this malt!

Too many Macallans will never harm (French saying)

Roman; yes, yes, the bottle was this big!

Davin: these fishbowls are great for dramming!

Bottles, bottles, bottles...

But which glass should I pick?

In the woods, Johannes: How do you like the Ducth countryside, buddies?

Johannes after three hours of hard work... What about a castle in Spain?

Davin: I tell you, Serge, this Macallan was absolutely great!

Roman, Serge, Johannes, Klaus and Davin enjoying the country life (after a few drams...)

Davin: I'm not used to Dutch clothes, but I will do anything to get a little more of this Ardbeg!

Roman and Serge are gone, but Johannes, Klaus and Davin still have a lot of work...






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