Malt Maniacs Expansion

Various pictures of the malt maniacs

2003: Canadian maniac Davin de Kergommeaux and Californian maniac Mark Adams in front of a Murray McDavid quote at the Whiskies of the World expo, San Francisco. (picture by Bruichladdich's Gordon Wright)


2003: Maniac Michael Wade lipping some Local Barley at the Whisky Hill Dram Jam 2003. But did the PLOWEDsters pour some Old Rosdhu into the bottle?

May 2003: independent bottlers tasting session at Serge's home with Olivier. Glen Kella, Loch Dhu, Sikkim... Olivier's first official Malt Maniac session started great! On the Imac, Johannes is online...

2003: Right, one must be mad to buy that many bottles during one single trip to Scotland. Don't you agree, Olivier?

2002: Serge taking a photograph at Sandro's place in Bologna. Bad picture, but if you glance through the window, you'll see what you'll see!

Yes, here's what you came in for: Johannes' car! But where is the caravan?

2002: Guess what Serge's old friend Paul will manage to do with an Old Potrero?

Yep, that's the greatest thing with American C/S whiskies: they burn like hell!

PS: Paul is safe

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