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Concert Review by Nick Morgan

by Nick Morgan


Hammersmith Apollo, London,
November 22nd 2008

We shouldn’t be here. No disrespect to National Treasure Lemmy (“Good evening. We are Motörhead and we’re gonna play some rock and roll”), but we shouldn’t be here. As Lars and Klars, two heavy metal hounds from Helgeland, high five in front of us at the start of every song, turning in an impressive imitation of comedian Harry Enfield’s Kevin and Perry, the Photographer slumps further into her seat, ear-plugs firmly in place.

I’m getting a bit worried about the extra-large lairy largered-up leather-jacketed market traders behind us, who are beginning to act as though this might be a BNP rally rather than a rock concert. And there’s a recession on. People of our age should be at home enjoying a special-offer Marks and Spencer meal for two (free bottle of wine) and watching television, apparently a programme called Strictly Come Dancing, rather than enduring ear-splitting nut-grinding nostalgia.
Maybe Goethe was right – “See Motörhead and die”. Because it certainly seems that whilst once was a pleasurable novelty, twice (unless you’re down in the mosh, stripped to the waist, dripping with perspiration and beer, and lurching, shoving and pushing like a mad thing, clearly intent on not living forever) is an unfortunate surfeit. So I’m going to erase this one from my memory, and simply keep happier impressions of the gig at Brixton a few years ago. Although I should add that we were hugely entertained (‘though I’m not sure we were supposed to be) by support act Saxon, led by gnarled veteran Biff Byford. With their equally unreformed take on Sheffield Metal with songs like ‘Wheels of steel’, ‘Witchfinder General’ and ‘Denim and leather’ they were very, very, Spinal Tap.
So that’s it. ‘You win some, lose some, it's all the same to me’, as they say. An early finish for us and back home in time for shortbread and cocoa. And a special Motörhead Christmas gift? Some earplugs of course! - Nick Morgan (poloroids by Kate)
Listen: Mötorhead's MySpace page

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